In the field of preparing the Banking, SSC & Railway and other PSUs, Mahendras boasts of being one of the oldest institutions in India, providing a platform for aspirants to further their careers. -Mahendra is the leading and Exclusive training institute for Bank, SSC, Railway & State Level Exams and the Winner of Prestigious India Education Award for Most Result Oriented Professional Coaching Institute & National Education Acme Award - for NO.1 Training Institute for Banks, IBPS, SSC and railway Jobs in India and Many More. -Specific courses will be a catalyst for success in clearing these exams with the same thought excellent shortcuts and techniques are taught in the classroom by the Experts Faculties to answer the questions in the given time. There will be Basics, Daily Tests, Previous papers explanation and Mock Tests. -In keeping with its tradition of always maintaining a watchful eye on market trends and tapping them, Mahendras has introduced E-Learning via Digital Content o...
Mahendras contact details
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Education Management
Mahendra Arcade,CP-9, Vijyant Khand, Adjacent to JSV Hyundai Showroom,Faizabad Road Gomti Nagar, LUCKNOW, Uttar Pradesh 226010, IN

Mahendras Management & Employee Directory

Umang Agarwal
Umang Agarwal
Head-Sales & Marketing @ Mahendra Group- Ferris Modular Furniture and Interior Solutions
Dheeraj Kumar Pandey
Dheeraj Kumar Pandey
Ravishanker Shukla
Ravishanker Shukla
deputy manager at mahendras educational group
Akanksha Khare
Akanksha Khare
Faculty at Mahendras Educational Pvt. Ltd,
Amit Dubey
Amit Dubey
banking at mahendras educational
Anand Singh
Anand Singh
Pratapgarh at Mahendras Edu. Pvt Ltd.
Divyansh Kumar Srivastava
Divyansh Kumar Srivastava
National Record Holder | Cinematographer | Singing | Marketing and Sales strategist | Youtuber | Coder
Hema Ramesh
Hema Ramesh
Branch authority at Mahendras educational Pvt, ltd
Noni Mehta
Noni Mehta
11 years of experience as a communication skills trainer,mentoring students for competitive exams
Prashant Kumar
Prashant Kumar
BrAnCh HaNdLiNg at MaHeNdRaS EdU PvT LtD
Sapna Verma
Sapna Verma
Realationship Executive at Mahendras Educational Pvt Ltd

Mahendras Competitors

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