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Manzil placement - Head Quartered at Ranchi,with offices at New Delhi & Dehradun,started in the year 2007, moving out of the league to break into the clutter of Human Resource Consulting business, with a philanthropic attitude. manzil means “the destination“ in Arabic and manzil placement aspires to reach at our manzil in Entire gamut of HR. Recruitment Philosophy If we all thought recruitment is just getting the right person at right time at right place and at right price, its time we rethink if it’s that simple. Recruitment is not just getting vacancy filled, in our opinion that is just halfway trough recruitment, because the problems start after that, they are Attrition -False Commitments -Discrepancy in perceived role and responsibility. -Increasing Market and opportunities. -Interpersonal issues with peers and superiors. -Work delegated not in tune with the professional interest. Hence our recruitment philosophy takes into account all these parameters while hunting a prospective employee for any employer.

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