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Luxburg is an innovative marketing, consulting and PR firm comprising of a broad range of services and packages to suit individual corporate identity needs. Benefiting from being a part of a group of companies, Luxburg is well placed in delivering high visibility and transparent marketing, with a team of experts in more than 30 different fields, allows Luxburg and Consulting to hit the ground running. One of Luxburg's specialities is ‘business turnaroundâ€:tm:. The company is dedicated to providing companies with the right tools and advice to turn a company away from the loss and back into the profit, with campaign planning and execution. Luxburg can even assist in balancing your books and finances, by teaming up with a leading firm of accountants and insolvency practitioners. Luxburg can also help clients with marketing planning, strategy and implementations to ensure they succeed in meeting their challenging business objectives, by becoming part of the team, rather than simply a third party agency. By building a strong relationship with the client Luxburg will develop a detailed understanding of their goals, in order for them to reach their target markets effectively. Luxburg offers a comprehensive range of specialist skills covering everything from market research and strategic planning, through branding and messaging, to exhibitions management. Their creative team will ensure clients communicate clear, constant messages across all sectors in the targeted marketing mix. Luxburg offers consultation services to organization of all sizes and localities. Having a team that covers the UK, USA and Asia allows the company to have local knowledge but a global reach, something that all of Luxburg clients can take full advantage of.

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London, England
0845 073 9346