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LEAP trains students to know themselves as leaders, partner with students from disparate communities, as equals, and use collaboration, communication and ingenuity to become change agents around the globe. Each LEAP team is comprised of students from two local and one global culturally and socio-economically diverse community. Using a collaborative, experiential curriculum, LEAP team members meet regularly to establish an ongoing, sustainable partnership to broaden perspectives, build trust and break down cultural barriers that divide our communities. Finally, the team is trained to assess the needs of each partner's community and design and implement a sustainable outreach project to solve a targeted social ill, both at home and abroad. LEAP's cycle of leadership empowers and coaches students to co-lead and eventually lead their LEAP. Currently, LEAP is partnered with private and public school students as well local nonprofit organizations and international organizations and companies located in countries including Uganda, Nicaragua, Sierra Leone and Kenya. LEAP is a paradigm shift that exists to reform the current system of handouts between affluent and non affluent communities, to a system of diverse partnerships that empower every individual to see him/herself as a part of the solutions to today's issues, regardless of circumstance. Check out our available positions at the following website: http://www.idealist.org/view/org/K8fJNWgB6JNp/

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