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JMIR Publications is the leading ehealth publisher, advancing progress in the health, engineering and social sciences to ultimately help people to live happier and healthier lives using technology. JMIR Publications helps innovators in the health technology space to collaborate and to disseminate their innovations, ideas, and research results to the widest possible audience. JMIR Publications is a rapidly growing innovative academic publisher. It builds on the success of JMIR (Journal of Medical Internet Research), which started in 1998 as a small independent open access project hosted at a university, which subsequently grew into the most influential journal in medical informatics (ranked #1 by Impact Factor by Thomson Reuters for three years, JIF>5.0) and health services research. Pioneer in #openaccess and #openscience, JMIR Publications is now also publishing a superjournal JMIRx as overlay journal on top of preprint servers.
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Suite 1100-1102,Toronto,Ontario,CA

JMIR Publications Management & Employee Directory

Michael Shepard
Michael Shepard
Chief Technology Officer at JMIR Publications
Nabil Zary Na Bi Le Nbyl Zry
Nabil Zary Na Bi Le Nbyl Zry
Director of the Institute for Excellence in Health Professions Education (ieHPE) - معهد التميز في التعليم الصحي
Curtis McDonald
Curtis McDonald
Head of Technology at JMIR Publications — we’re hiring!
David Kim
David Kim
Director, Partnerships & Open Access Research at JMIR Publications
Saiprasad Sankaranarayanan
Saiprasad Sankaranarayanan
Biomedical Engineer by Profession, Business Enthusiast by Passion | Biotech | Pharma | Med Device | Filmmaker
Mindy Barrs
Mindy Barrs
Full Stack Engineer with over 5 years experience looking for exciting opportunities in Toronto.
Linus K Chirchir
Linus K Chirchir
Student @SwanseaUniversity | Health Data Scientist | Digital Transformation | Innovation | Mentor | Rotarian @RotaryEldoret.

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