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Inversis is a specialist in products and investment services to individual clients as well as for corporate bank. It is participated by Indra, El Corte Ingles, Telefónica, Caja Madrid, CAM, Cajamar and Banca March. The company bases its business on the widest range of investment products to third parties, that puts its clients through two trading platforms: Platform investment funds: more than 4,500 funds from more than 160 national and international managers. Equity-Platform: over 4,000 securities of the 20 largest markets in the world, warrants all domestic issuers; over 900 ETFs from 30 issuers, derivatives assets of major national and international markets and CFDs on over SICAVS 4000 values ​​of the 23 most important world markets, silver, gold, other commodities and currencies (up to 160 currency pairs).

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Madrid, Madrid
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