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Interventional Spine®, Inc. was founded in February 2000 to solve a key problem confronting surgeons: how to address the aging population and resulting increase of fractures in patients with osteoporotic bone? Fracture fixation devices available at the time had severe limitations when used in the presence of osteoporotic bone. Interventional Spine product development was grounded on the basis of the Company's Compression (CLASP®) technology, which provides effective fixation in both normal and osteoporotic bone. Due to the superior fracture fixation characteristics of the CLASP® technology, Interventional Spine originally designed devices for the Podiatric and Orthopedic Trauma markets, successfully implanting over 4,000 Orthopedic Trauma Products in patients. The technology enabled surgeons to change the way they managed bone fractures, allowing for precise positioning with compression independent of thread movement, while providing superior pullout resistance and compression when compared to traditional lag screws. This proven and patented technology forms the basis of Interventional Spine's existing products.

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