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IMA provides brokerage services for all types of mortgage servicing rights and mortgage whole loans. Being successful in the brokerage of MSR's for over 24 years our team of professionals can assist your institution with all of your transaction needs. As a full-service advisory firm focused solely on the mortgage industry, IMA has leveraged the expertise and knowhow of its staff to develop an impressive resume of advisory work in variety of service areas. As a transactional broker and advisor, IMA has managed over $800 billion in transactions involving the purchase and sale of servicing rights, whole loans, and REO portfolios. Much of IMA's success in obtaining and fulfilling transaction-related engagements can be attributed to its experience and expertise in all phases of the transaction process including analysis, deal structure, marketing, and negotiations. This proven success and in-depth understanding of the valuation process and interacting market dynamics drives IMA's brokerage and valuation practices, which in turn drives new transaction engagements. As a result of its distinctive competency and excellent reputation in the mortgage servicing and whole loan area, this very critical function has proven to be the foundation of IMA's success in the marketplace and the driver of all other practice areas of the firm. Another key to IMA's success in the marketplace is the breadth and strength of its relationships. IMA maintains an active database of over 8,000 institutional contacts consisting of current and former clients, various mortgage-related institutions, intermediaries, and government agencies.

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