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Hello Customer is an innovative customer experience software that brings together continuously capturing of feedback, engaging with customers individually and providing insightful analyses. Insider Metrics automatically turns big data into rich, useful and ready-to-go insights using text and sentiment algorithms and combining customer feedback with CRM data and contextual data that can influence customer experiences. Hello Customer takes retail & service companies out of the big data paralysis and allows them to permanently and continuously tap into their customers’ emotions, feedback and opinions. The actionable insights enable them to actually take action, start up the conversation, innovate, implement strategic changes, take decisions that will arm them for the future. As a mission, Hello Customer wants to enable retail & service companies across the globe to become truly customer-centric. Companies using Insider Metrics as part of their managerial steering wheel will be empowered to keep their company on course and to sustain growth with delighted customers as their main fundament. We aim for happy customers, and happy customers create happy shareholders! Everybody happy.

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