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Networks which are location-based are making headlines with more frequency than ever. I think the key to their popularity lies in how they bring an element of instant proximity into the social equation. After all, it is one thing befriending somebody who is located half the world away, and it is another befriending people that you have an immediate chance of meeting up in real life. And HitMB is the latest social network to hop on the location bandwagon. In the most general terms, it is a social resource that revolves around a map in which people post whatever they want. For example, if you found an incredible resort when you were holidaying in Spain you can proceed to share all about it on the site. The same goes for restaurants that specialize in Thai food where you live. Besides, you can add more than mere links -you can include detailed reviews about the places you are sharing, and also media like videos for even better reference. In that sense, social interactions are placed in a certainly richer context, and the tagline of the site (“Locate your life!”) truly comes alive.

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