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"Het Echte Mannen Dispuut" (The Real Men Fraternity), first fraternity of Studenst's Association Pallas Athene C.S.H.H. (of The Hague, Netherlands) bla. Bier, 3 bier, bier bla, Leffe, 3 leffe bla,Leffe, 3 leffe bla tuinhek, bier, 3 bier tuinhek vuurtje, HEMDipedia, tuinhek leffe, 6 leffe,schommel, 3 leffe bla, Chouffe, 9 Chouffe, nieuw tuinhek, meer vuur, burgers, Bo burgers, bla. Buren, tuinhek, meer vuur bier, 16 bier, kabouters, overal kabouters, bier, kabouters.

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