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Who we are... Foxmountain is a `New Media` company located in the region of Helmond-Eindhoven in the Netherlands, which focuses on the latest developments in ICT and movie making. We deliver creative digital solutions for your digital products and services to convey to a wider audience. With our customer-focused approach it enables us to meet any requirement. Through our innovative thinking, we bring the latest in 3d, animation, website, video effects and other graphical solutions. We believe... That the new digital technology, is the solution to profile companies as one. From website or video to product presentation. We are progressive and always looking for new opportunities to learn, because in the 'New Media' can not affort to stand still. Recently we add Projection Mapping, Motion Tracking and stereoscopic 3D to our knowledge. But the most important thing is that we develop your ideas into creative beautiful designs!

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