Football NSW

Football NSW is the governing body for association football (soccer) and Futsal in the Australian state of New South Wales, with the exception of the northern regions of NSW (the governing body for which is Northern New South Wales Football). Football NSW is a member of the national governing body, Football Federation Australia (FFA). The headquarters of Football NSW are located at Valentine Sports Park. Valentine Sports Park is a multipurpose sporting complex which caters for various groups, as well as individuals. The complex consists of twin, triple and quad rooms accommodating up to 180 people, 5 playing fields, lecture rooms, indoor sports hall, 20 metre indoor pool and a dining room open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. It also contains the offices of the Football NSW staff.
Football NSW contact details
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235 - 257 Meurants Lane, Glenwood, NSW 2153, AU

Football NSW Management & Employee Directory

Alex Green
Alex Green
General Manager at Sir David Martin Foundation
Eraga Magotti
Eraga Magotti
Founder @ Lifestyle Medicine at Western 🌱| Football NSW/Aus ⚽️ | Rydalmere 🦁 FC l Generation Entrepreneur 💡 | Hills Paediatrics 👶🏾
Gilbert Lorquet
Gilbert Lorquet
CEO NORTH Foundation | Chairman Football NSW | PhD candidate University of Technology Sydney
Richard Burgess
Richard Burgess
Senior Legal Counsel | General Manager - Integrity
Lisa Evans
Lisa Evans
Group Chief Financial Officer Home in Place
Matt Staples
Matt Staples
Sports Administrator at Meriden School | Referees Coordinator at Blacktown Football
Hayley Todd
Hayley Todd
Head of Women's & Schools Football at Football NSW
Jack Gooding
Jack Gooding
Director of Rugby and Athletic Development at Redlands
Ken Greenhead
Ken Greenhead
Director of Coaching Progressive Goalkeeping / Goalkeepers Corner
Warren Grieve
Warren Grieve
Technical Director at FNSW, AFC Pro Licence, Football Australia / AFC A licence Coach Developer
Ben Wright
Ben Wright
Football Development Manager at Football NSW
Kylie Hearne
Kylie Hearne
Business Operations Manager at NSW Touch Association
Phil Myall
Phil Myall
Boys Youth Development Manager / Advanced Coach Developer / AFC/FA A Licence
Travis Oughtred
Travis Oughtred
Business Development Manager at Volvo Car Australia
Andrew Keegan
Andrew Keegan
Adjunct Associate Professor at University of Sydney
Lachlan Mackenzie
Lachlan Mackenzie
S&C Coach IAS ⚽️ S&C Coach Illawarra Stingrays ⚽️ Football Coach Wollongong Wolves

Football NSW Competitors

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