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Flocktory is a social referral marketing platform that can be easily integrated with any e-commerce site to enable sharing of personalized offers via social networks. Using Flocktory's interface, businesses can create an unlimited amount of campaigns based on the logic they specify. Incentives are set for both the original customer and their friends they recruit as new customers for the business. The platform allows for point and click functionality for any business to customize the offer with their own branding and messaging. Flocktory allows our clients the ability to target specific text for each social network they enable for their offer. Social optimization is the key to a successful referral campaign, therefore Flocktory is implementing several algorithms to identify key influencers within client's stores by analyzing buying behavior with direct conversions via social campaigns. Flocktory's analysis of how people respond to different forms of incentives, the use of semantics in offer messaging, consumer buying behavior, and social network propagation allows for a big data solution to a key marketing question: who are my most influential customers and how do I engage them for maximum return? Currently the company is running in beta stage in the Russian market with over 25 well known online stores. Plans call for a continued expansion in the Russian market, where the company has no analogous competitors, in a market with the highest social data usage and fast growing ecommerce segment. In addition, Flocktory will make an entry into other European markets like Germany.

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