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Welcome to FiRevolution's home on LinkedIn! Follow us for tips and advice on how to save money, increase your income, and organize your finances. WHAT is FiRevolution and what problem is it solving? FiRevolution is a personal finance education company that shows people how to gain control of their finances by teaching them how to reduce their expenses, eliminate bad debt, increase income, and develop a plan to become financially independent. Most Americans are very worried about their finances. Consider these 7 alarming facts: 1) Top financial fear of most Americans is running out of money. 2) Over 38 million working households have NO retirement assets. 3) 92% of working households aren’t saving enough for retirement. 4) In 25 years, Social Security won’t have enough working people to support retirees. 5) US credit card debt is $859 billion. 6) College costs have risen faster than inflation or medical costs. Parents and students are questioning the value of a college education. 7) Student loan debt is over $1.16 trillion and the default rate is 14.7%. WHAT is the history of the program? Our participants are a diverse group of people who wanted help getting on track. Over a few months, they went from feeling out-of-control to feeling confident that they are on the path to financial independence. We are now transforming the program into an ONLINE PROGRAM that will be available December 2014. Right now, our site has eBooks, papers, videos, and blog posts explaining how major financial issues impact you and your family. We will add new content about debt, taxes, insurance, retirement, estate planning, and real estate. Go to You will start thinking very differently about your money.

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