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Fanbiz is a guide for the best products and places in your city. Fanbiz is designed to give consumers the best answers to where to go and what to buy everywhere. Fanbiz already have around 1.200.000 businesses listed in various different states, expanding rapidly with the help of thousands of fans and contributors. While still in Beta Fanbiz gathered 20.000 Fans on Facebook waiting to get their first hands on the first Invite-Only Group Buying for High-End goods in Brazil and some other exciting features that will be debuted on the release date only. Fanbiz is also a place for artists that want their fans to know more about their tastes and the things they love and want to share the word with the people. This way people can stay more close to their beloved idles and businesses can finally have a way to attach their names with the artists that often visit their places. With Fanbiz, it's always a Win-Win game. Stay tuned here for more news about Fanbiz and the scalability of the business.

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