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Forno d’Asolo’s history in the production of frozen food specialities began in 1985 in Maser (Treviso) with the passion and enterprise of two brothers, Fabio and Paolo Gallina. Coming from a long time of bakers and with their extensive knowledge in the field of bread-making and pastry making, the two entrepreneurs took up a revolutionary challenge: to mass produce ready-to-bake frozen specialities with the quality and flavour of homemade products that have just been prepared and filled. This ambitious goal required the development of new production technologies. In only a few months, the market began to recognise and appreciate the genuineness of the Forno d’Asolo products and Fabio and Paolo Gallina launched the first frozen filled Cornaretto in Italy. It was initially filled one by one and soon was flanked by other specialities like Sacchettini and Strudelini. This affirmed the company as an Italian leader.

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