FMC is an agricultural sciences company that advances farming through innovative and sustainable crop protection technologies. From our industry leading discovery pipeline, to unique application systems, to modern biological products, we are passionate about bringing new solutions to growers around the world. For more than 130 years, we have been rooted in agriculture and innovation. Today’s FMC continues to earn the trust of growers and industry partners to maximize their productivity, profitability and sustainability. We are a company driven by innovation and committed to discovering new active ingredients, product formulations and application technologies. Our six Core Values define who we are and how we do business: Integrity, Safety, Sustainability, Respect for People, Agility, and Customer Centricity. Collectively, these values guide us as individuals and as a team of over 100 people in ANZ. It's what sets FMC apart and it's the key to our long-term growth and sustainability as...
FMC ANZ contact details
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North Ryde, NSW 2113, AU

FMC ANZ Management & Employee Directory

Sharon Smith
Sharon Smith
Marketing Projects & NPI Coordinator ANZ
Cassia Ferguson
Cassia Ferguson
FMC Graslan Herbicide Business Manager and Senior Commercial Associate at FMC ANZ
Geoff Robertson
Geoff Robertson
Research And Development Manager at FMC Corporation
Hayden Toy
Hayden Toy
Country Sales Manager, New Zealand at FMC ANZ
Judy Pattermann
Judy Pattermann
Regulatory and Sustainability Manager at FMC ANZ
Mark Yerbury
Mark Yerbury
Technical Extension Manager - Australia and New Zealand at FMC ANZ
Leandro Posteraro
Leandro Posteraro
Strategic Portfolio Lead Australasia at FMC ANZ
Vidhu Thakur
Vidhu Thakur
Senior Supply Planner In Corteva Agriscience
James Harrison
James Harrison
Product Development Specialist at FMC ANZ
Karlien Slot
Karlien Slot
IT Business Partner | Diversity & Inclusion

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