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Exepron reduces the high cost and complexity of Critical Chain Project Management, making it accessible to all. Delivered on a SaaS (Software as a Service), Cloud based platform allows ExepronTM to scale with your Project Management demands. Exepron is a monthly subscription utility service featuring: Global Collaboration with unlimited Access – a Cloud based web service, always available, with secure simultaneous access for your global project team. Unlimited number of Users, no license fees or upgrade costs, no annual maintenance fees or contracts, only pay the monthly subscription, leaving the major IT costs to Exepron. Informational Dashboards provide real-time visibility of all the Projects in a Portfolio and reveal when and where timely intervention is required. Embedded Intelligence - The Critical Chain intelligence embedded into the ExepronTM software solution will identify specifically which task(s) are jeopardizing achieving the project due date and allow the Project Team to concentrate on Planning, Scheduling and Executing a Portfolio of Projects. Intuitive and User Friendly - Exepron’s easy access structure combined with one click navigation is intuitive and easy to use. A full Multi-Project solution with 50, 100 or more projects per account, sharing a common resource pool. The Dynamic Drum synchronizes the release of all Projects in the Pipeline and schedules the maximum throughput for the entire Portfolio of Projects in the organization.

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