Eridanis is a consulting firm in innovation specialized in the Internet of Things (IoT), providing to customers an expertise of IoT markets and technologies. With our knowledge of the industrial businesses, our skills in technology, and our processes' know-how, we support effectively our customers in the implementation of strategies and the creation of IoT products. We have the capacity to imagine, design, prototype and display IoT and digital solutions fitting our clients needs. Eridanis is part of the international technology group Robinson, with 3 000 engineers in Europe (UK, France, Poland, ...), China, Mauritius and Canada. This independent group is still owned by its founder and entrepreneur, Jean-Luc Bernard. Thirty consultants and technical engineers have already been hired and ten more will join Eridanis by the end of the year. We aim to become within a year the European leader in mobility and design of innovative solutions using IoT networks, sometimes in partnership wit...
Eridanis contact details
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Information Technology & Services
34 avenue des Champs-Elysées,Paris,FR

Eridanis Management & Employee Directory

Jean-luc Bernard
Jean-luc Bernard
CEO Robinson Technologies, a technology and luxury brand
Chabi Kais
Chabi Kais
Développeur Full Stack senior chez Eridanis
Alexandre Gelle
Alexandre Gelle
Développement Commercial International & Affaires publiques
Alexis Semmama
Alexis Semmama
Directeur Général Adjoint @Eridanis | Smart City - E-Santé - Industrie 4.0
Marie Reinhold
Marie Reinhold
Innovation specialist @Eridanis | Smart City - E-Santé - Industrie 4.0
Thibaud Mathieu
Thibaud Mathieu
Ingénieur Systèmes Embarqués chez Eridanis
Thomas Lamure
Thomas Lamure
Responsable du Système d'Information chez Eridanis
Tarik Klezo
Tarik Klezo
Développeur Web Fullstack @Eridanis | Smart City - E-Santé - Industrie 4.0
Yvan Leroux
Yvan Leroux
🎓 Arts et Métiers Engineer / 🧠 Artificial Intelligence / 💻 Machine Learning / 🦾 Robotics / 🎯 Challenger

Eridanis Competitors

Jarus Technologies
information technology & services
Starpoint Solutions
information technology & services
information technology & services
Information Technology & Services

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