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As a motivation expert I help small businesses who are struggling with • collaborators lapse • little profit • expensive employees My motivation improvement system • achieves motivated co-workers • achieves turnover increase with at least 6% • achieves satisfied customers Why so many ceo’s, HR managers, managing directors choose me: 1 – motivation improvement 2 – loyal employees 3 – turnover increase I invite you to • Connect with me on LinkedIn my email is tine@degemotiveerdemedewerker.be • Call me for a complimentary +32 476 57 96 47 HR EXPERT: - I help you to find the co-workers (employees and freelancers) who are a great match. I help you identifying your ideal colleague or business partner. - I help you match the right people with the right job. - I help you improve your profit, because your most valuable asset are the people who work for you. And you understand that. MOTIVATION COACH: - I help you create a business where people are happy and enjoy working. I help you create a motivated business atmosphere. - I help you understand the people you work with and who to help them achieve their professional goals and grow their motivation. - I help you to be the leader of your team, whom your collaborators like to work with. MOTIVATION IMPROVING SYSTEM - I have a unique motivation improving system, that will upgrade the motivation of your co-workers. - With this system I help to improve the communication between you and your employee IDENTIFICATION MARKETING: - I help you to find what is the center of your business. You know your niche. You also have to know which kind of people you like to attract (clients and co-workers) - I help you develop and identify your business deeper, so you can specialize in your talents and the talents of your co-workers. This will increase their motivation enormously.

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