Ebizon is the leading e-commerce and digital activation agency for brands and retailers globally. We have assisted over a dozen billion dollar companies with consulting, technology, operations, and digital marketing capabilities in managing their unique brand online. We work with global online retailers, publishers, CSR groups, non-profits, and government institutions. * Headquartered in New Delhi, Ebizon's growing client list includes Intel, Tesco, DSM, Wieden+Kennedy, Future Group, DDB Mudra, Rediffusion Y&R, VSNL, Tata Motors, Jagran Prakashan Group, DSM and others. * We take pride in serving our Fortune 500 customers as well as product start-ups in the Education & Non-Profit verticals. * Ebizon is also the premier provider of Enterprise class Drupal Scaling Solutions. Ebizon is founded by ex-IITians whose management & advisory team has the experience of working at Internet companies like Yahoo & TribalFusion. Ebizon management / advisory have educational degrees from world-c...
EbizON contact details
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Information Technology & Services
C-28-29, Tower A, 7th Floor, , Logix Cyber Park, Sector 62, Noida, UP 201301, IN

EbizON Management & Employee Directory

Vibhav Gaur
Vibhav Gaur
CBO - Ebizon | Co-Founder - Outreach Crayon
Aayushi Gupta
Aayushi Gupta
Associate Consultant- Account Management
Ishank Sharma
Ishank Sharma
Business Consultant at Ebizon | Account Management | Business Development | MBA | Mark & IT | Engineer | Wipro
Nitin Sharma
Nitin Sharma
Sr. Manager Operations Digital Marketing at EbizON | Ex Barclays
Pankaj Bisht
Pankaj Bisht
Assistant IT Project Manager | EMBA | Btech EEE |
Rahil Asif
Rahil Asif
Associate Manager - Marketing at EBizON
Sanjay Singh Negi
Sanjay Singh Negi
Lead Graphic Designer at Ebizon Digital Pvt Ltd
Utkarsh Srivastava
Utkarsh Srivastava
Assistant vice President at Ebizon. 12+ years of experience in multiple roles and known for successfully leading multiple project of high level complexities
Arjun Shrivastava
Arjun Shrivastava
Internet Strategy and Open-source Consultant at Ebizon
Beerendra Singh
Beerendra Singh
Shopify Developer | Migration Expert | Full Stack Developer | Liquid, PHP, HTML, CSS, MySQL
Dhananjay Singh Tomar
Dhananjay Singh Tomar
IT Consulting for Web and Application Development
Pritpal Goyal
Pritpal Goyal
Software Developer at Ebizon NetInfo Pvt. Ltd.
Sevada Hemelians
Sevada Hemelians
Marketing and E-commerce Solutions Strategist

EbizON Competitors

Information Technology & Services
Dev IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
Information Technology & Services
Jethro Limited
Information Technology & Services

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