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ETS aviation Ltd, Specialises in providing innovative data management systems combined with on-line consultancy services to aviation companies worldwide. The company was started in early 2009, by a team of aviation specialists and software developers in response to the EU’s introduction of the Emissions Trading Scheme. The company created ETS Aviation Footprinter tm and it’s ETS Support Service to help operators manage their emissions data more efficiently. The system produces the mandatory reports for the European Union member-states and also enables on line access to the verification companies. Clients range from airlines like easyJet to Global Helicopter operations like CHC and private jet flight departments Starbucks and also include service providers like Jepessen. Our latest product is Aviation Fuelsaver™, which combines a powerful fuel saving software system and industry leading consultancy in a low cost monthly subscription. It is already the number 1 choice for a growing number of airlines world-wide, including TUI Travel group members,, Tiger Airways in Singapore and Australia. Recent additions to our programme , are Adria Airlines in Slovinia and Sky Airlines in Chile.

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