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Gives you flexibility and freedom. The cloud-based architecture of Dentrix Ascend lets you access patient information and management tools from any computer or mobile device as long as you have Internet access. Even if you have multiple offices or locations or if you’re in a remote location, you can access what you need with this technology. So no matter where your practice or its employees are located or what devices your practice uses, this cloud-based management solution gives you instant access to what you need. Helps your dental practice run smoother. Dentrix Ascend software helps you focus on your patients and their needs instead of technology. Its natural user interface design is easy to understand and navigate through, meaning your practice is more efficiently getting work done. It’s easy to find patient information with the One Click access so you can find a patient’s information in a matter of seconds. You also don’t have to worry about checking for or installing software add-ons or upgrades, which is another way it saves you time. Keeps patient information safe and secure. Patient information is something dental practices must be very careful with. No one wants their private information out there for all to see, and Dentrix Ascend goes above and beyond to protect your practice and keep its patients’ private information safe and secure. Encryption technology and high-quality data protection are used to protect data. Also used for security purposes are an automatic system logout, 24/7 security monitoring and consistent security audits. You also control exactly who sees what information. Receive the latest improvements for free! Technology is always advancing, but luckily with Dentrix Ascend you don’t have to wait or pay for the latest innovations. The team members at Dentrix Ascend test these improvements, integrate them into this solution so it makes sense to you and then they are there for you whenever you log in. Dentrix Ascend is the software solution your practice needs and has been looking for. Don’t delay these benefits any longer. Get hooked up with this cloud-based practice management solution today.

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