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All companies occassionally need specialist skills or resources not available in-house. Deflinks Consultancy provides the specialist services and support that get you from “Where Now!” to “Job Done!” Opportunity Capture - We can provide specialists to help you: define & manage a Capture Strategy for a key opportunity, carry out Bid or Proposal Management of a killer offer, or provide expertise to support your bid review/Red Team process. Project Recovery & Management - Need to pull a project back on track, or simply don’t have enough experienced staff to Project Manage your latest big win - either way we can help. We can supply experienced personnel who understand how to apply modern Project Management tools and techniques, including Earned Value, Risk Management and Change Management to ensure a successful delivery. Company Strategy - We can provide everything from market experts to review existing company strategy, up to a full Strategy Development Team to carry out a full market review and strategy development. Whether you need the help of one expert for a day, or a full team for a longer period we can help

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