Darwin AI

Darwin AI is leading the charge in the future of advertising, by using data-driven creative intelligence to drive business intelligence. Our machine learning technology identifies key traits in your creative assets and isolates which elements lead to the best performance. On top of that, Darwin allows you to define different audiences and analyze ad trait performance for individual audiences, or groups of audiences, to identify which creative will perform best for which audience. The insights gained through our platform lead to a lower cost per customer acquisition by 30% or more. The Darwin team is made up of the sharpest minds in digital advertising, with 30+ combined years in ad tech and a vision for the future of the industry. We embrace data-driven decisions and digital innovations to push our clients’ efficiency above their competition. We know how to build ad tech to power the industry.
Darwin AI contact details
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Computer Software
311 S Wacker Dr,Chicago,Illinois,US

Darwin AI Management & Employee Directory

Karlie Jones
Karlie Jones
Independent Contractor at Edwards Student Housing Management Company
Colleen Batterman
Colleen Batterman
Account Executive and Sales Manager at Darwin AI
Sarah A
Sarah A
Senior Data Analyst/Creative Account Manager at Darwin AI
Ahmed Irash
Ahmed Irash
Business Strategist | Investor | Entrepreneur
Collin White
Collin White
Motion Graphic Designer and Art Direction
Irene Borge Lequerica
Irene Borge Lequerica
Business Development | Marketing | Social Media
Lisa Ly
Lisa Ly
Creative Analyst Intern at Darwin AI | Cognitive Science Major at the University of Southern California
Maria Useche
Maria Useche
Business Developer | Customer Journey │ CRM │ Content Marketing │ Digital Marketing │ Social CRM Specialist │ Customer Success Specialist │ Monday │ HubSpot │ Google Ads │ Meta Business │ Social Media
Philip J H Crocker Frsa
Philip J H Crocker Frsa
Executive and OKR Coach - Coaching critical thinking that drives sustainable growth

Darwin AI Competitors

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IT Free-Lancer
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SSG Insight
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Computer Software

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