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Discovery Financial Consultants (DFC) - Greater Gauteng is an authorised Discovery Financial Services team and is unique in that it is considered to be one of the most mature Discovery financial teams - in terms of their individual financial experience and production output. This DFC team is constantly looking for new, upwardly-moving brokers to join its unit. Why Should Financial Planners Join DFC - Greater Gauteng? In the past 9 years, this dynamic group has been chosen 6 times as one of the top 3 performing Discovery financial advisory teams. Their inclusive attitude means that their top performance results will positively affect your bottom line. One of the team's major strengths when recruiting brokers is to assist them to develop their businesses into more successful practices. What DFC - Greater Gauteng Can Do For Your Financial Planning Business: DFC Greater Gauteng has two main objectives in this regard; Benefits for Mature Financial Planners The first is to take on existing advisors who have 5 plus years of experience and to develop their businesses into high-performing practices. Benefits for Younger Financial Planners The second objective is aimed at younger financial planners, where they are taken on a 2-year tenure with DFC Greater Gauteng and through an on-going process of guidance and mentorship, developed into Senior Advisors with high-income earning practices. The Discovery Financial Consultancy team from Greater Gauteng should be your first consideration when looking for a supportive team to drive your financial planning business to the next level. Their experience, coupled with a personal interest in developing their own financial planners makes them an easy choice for a financial partner.

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