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Cryptosoft is building trust in the Internet of Things and M2M. Cryptosoft has been built from the ground up over the last three years based on their experience of the challenges faced by organisations to secure their information assets in an automated, transparent, scalable fashion. Cryptosoft has responded to a gap in the market and deliver a data centric approach to securing information within IoT, eliminating today’s dependency placed on inadequate transport level security models. Cryptosoft does this without disrupting existing workflows or re-coding existing applications, using a standards-based platform that delivers same day value. Cryptosoft was conceived by Jon Penney, Cryptosoft Founder and Chief Technology Officer. Jon is a veteran with 25 years experience in the security industry rooted in the earliest commercial iterations of public/private key encryption technology in the 1990’s. Cryptosoft leadership team delivers an unprecedented level of commitment and value to their customers and shareholders. Cryptosoft’s leadership team is committed to operating with the utmost integrity in building and leading an organisation dedicated to the success of all its stakeholders. Cryptosoft is proud to have leaders who are industry experts with proven experience in the IT and data security marketplaces.

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Number of employees:
Information Technology
Bracknell, Bracknell Forest
+1 (408) 802 7835