Comcater is a wholly Australian owned and operated company supplying a range of high quality commercial kitchen equipment from leading manufacturers all over the world. As a market leader, we can provide tailored solutions to suit almost any foodservice operator needs. We offer 24 hour National 'Service Support' with our extended network of qualified technicians and authorised service agents, rest assured that we aim to deliver the very best after-sales experience. Our products are distributed via our vast dealer network comprising of over 140 locations throughout Australia. We hope you can come into one of our showrooms and let our professional staff guide you through our range, or if you want to be more hands-on, please contact us to arrange a live cooking demonstration with one of our friendly chefs.
Comcater contact details
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156 Swann Drive, Derrimut, VICTORIA 3030, AU

Comcater Management & Employee Directory

Victoria Plaksin Gaicd
Victoria Plaksin Gaicd
Co-Founder at Trusted Negotiator | Board Director | Business Advisor
Alex Newman-rogers Cfsp
Alex Newman-rogers Cfsp
Business Development Executive, National Accounts at Comcater
Antony Frazzetto
Antony Frazzetto
Technical Service Support Manager - Comcater
Brett Mcnally
Brett Mcnally
National Warehouse Manager - COMCATER Foodservice Equipment
Charlotte Fellay
Charlotte Fellay
Major Projects Manager - Southern Region CFSP at Comcater
Clive Gilbert
Clive Gilbert
Regional Sales Manager - WA at Comcater
Craig Haksteeg
Craig Haksteeg
Regional Business Development Manager - Eastern at Comcater
David Magnanini Cfsp
David Magnanini Cfsp
Senior Product Manager - Foodservice Equipment Expert
Michael Cugini
Michael Cugini
Area Sales Manager WA at Comcater Pty Ltd
Peter Kelly
Peter Kelly
National Product Manager at Rational Australia Pty Ltd
Shane Seekamp Cfsp
Shane Seekamp Cfsp
Area Sales Manager at Comcater Foodservice Equipment

Comcater Competitors

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