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Colabopad is a web browser based smartboard solution. It is fully collaborative so any number of participants can work together over the internet. Colabopad is useful in many different scenerios: As a simple note-taking application: You can use it to take notes on a tablet device and easily share your notes with others. As a collaborative whiteboard: Creative artists can use Colabopad to work on drawings in real-time with others. E-Learning delivery: Colabopad combined with a voice conferencing solution is ideal for Internet based learning. Offer live lectures online in an engaging environment that can make the experience feel like a physical class room. Use extensions to enrich the experience: Colabopad has a developer API, this means developers can build widgets that can greatly enhance the usefulness of Colabopad. Colabopad makes use of the SVG technology built into modern web browsers. Companies such as Google have just started recognizing the potential of this technology and are actively pursuing it.

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