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CloudPuncher provides an online service for conducting Load and Performance tests of web sites and web-based applications using Cloud Computing infrastructure. CloudPuncher can execute a load and performance test of any website or Rich Internet Application (RIA) by allocating an unlimited number of concurrent virtual user sessions in the cloud. Every cloud-based virtual user process executes a pre-recorded script representing various types of website or web application visitors. Test scripts can be easily configured to randomize content. CloudPuncher automatically allocates and procures the required hardware to execute load and performance tests. The service includes a monitoring component capable of instrumenting various elements of the server-side application including, but not limited to, operating system resources (both for Windows and Linux), web servers, databases, Java application servers and RIA remoting/messaging gateways. As a result, testers can conduct real-time monitoring and reporting of the performance of their servers, including receiving information about any errors or bottlenecks resulting from traffic load.

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