Clicks Group

Clicks Group is a retail-led healthcare group which has been listed on the JSE Limited since 1996. Through market-leading retail brands Clicks, GNC, The Body Shop, Claire's and Musica, the group has over 650 stores across southern Africa. Clicks Group is a leader in the healthcare market where Clicks has the largest retail pharmacy chain with over 374 in-store pharmacies, while UPD is South Africa's leading full-range national pharmaceutical wholesaler. Leading the way in beauty and healthcare with unlimited opportunities for people with passion! We care about and contribute to the wellbeing of people, the environment and communities We are passionate about leading innovation within the unique mix of our Group Our focus on a clear vision and growth strategy provides our people with unlimited opportunities Our Company’s talent strategy is to employ customer obsessed people with a confident, ‘can do’ attitude, who are proud and professional. This strategy is underpinned by...
Clicks Group contact details
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Cnr. Searle and Pontac Streets, Woodstock, Cape Town, ZA

Clicks Group Management & Employee Directory

Carlos Jardim
Carlos Jardim
GM The Body Shop, New Business Development and Ecommerce Executive at Clicks
Jhandre Bredenkamp
Jhandre Bredenkamp
Portfolio Manager: Pharmacy, General Manager Unicorn Pharmaceuticals at Clicks Group
Raj Kulkarni
Raj Kulkarni
Trusted Advisor. Angel Investor. Mentor. Early Stage B2B Technology Focus. Multiple Exits as Founder and Investor. Business Strategy and Management Consultant.
Duduzile Ludada
Duduzile Ludada
ESG | Carbon Footprint | GHG Accounting | Stakeholder Engagement
Simon Kilner
Simon Kilner
Chief Information Officer at World Vision Australia
Michelle Von Waltsleben
Michelle Von Waltsleben
Loyalty Marketing & Programme Manager : Retail Innovation.
Mpilo Nxaba
Mpilo Nxaba
Digital Marketing Manager at Clicks Group
Rita Christophers
Rita Christophers
Portfolio Manager Beauty & Claire’s at Clicks Group
Waheed Abdurahman
Waheed Abdurahman
Clicks Pharmacies South Africa: Senior Category Manager Pharmacy OTC Medicines
Sarah Spencer
Sarah Spencer
Award-Winning Content | Brand Marketer | Radio Host
Mwaka Penza
Mwaka Penza
Quality Assurance Pharmacist at Ascendis Health
Vuyo Nkalane
Vuyo Nkalane
Pricing and Promotions Analyst at Clicks Group

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