ClarkTel Telecommunications Inc

OUR PHILOSOPHY We provide smart, cost effective technology solutions to meet the communications and security needs of local, Northeast Ohio businesses. As we deliver those solutions, we provide an exceptional level of relational support to ensure you remain satisfied before, during and after we deliver your custom solution. OUR SUCCESS Clarktel Telecommunications specializes in providing system sales, design consultation, and maintenance services to commercial users of telecommunications, security and IT networking solutions. We have been serving the Northeast Ohio region for 50 years. We are a locally owned and operated business supporting nearly 3,000 systems for our 2,500 clients. UNIQUE DIVERSITY Our ownership is certified as a Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) and a Veteran-Owned Business. We demonstrate our commitment to building our community and our workplace inclusion by being HUBZone and Ohio EDGE Certified.
ClarkTel Telecommunications Inc contact details
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1661 Copley Rd, Akron, Ohio 44320, US

ClarkTel Telecommunications Inc Management & Employee Directory

Ellan Gregrow
Ellan Gregrow
Accounting Manager at ClarkTel Telecommunications Inc
Shesh  B
Shesh B
A business development specialist with strategic and dynamic partner management skills leading to quality lead hand-offs to sales. Also a thought leader with a broader vision for the revenue growth of
Sheshadri Banerjee
Sheshadri Banerjee
A business development specialist with strategic and dynamic partner management skills delivering quality lead hand-offs to sales. Also a thought leader with a broader vision for the revenue growth of
Chris Mccail
Chris Mccail
Business Department Chair at Herzing University
Derek Heavilin
Derek Heavilin
Computer Technician I at Native Staffing
John Mcgill
John Mcgill
Vice President at Clarktel/Telecommunications Inc
Matthew Gill
Matthew Gill
Vice President at ClarkTel Tele-Communications Inc
Rick Rubright
Rick Rubright
Consultant/Board Member at Clarktel Communications/Telecommunications Inc.

ClarkTel Telecommunications Inc Competitors

Southwestern Bell Wireless
Zamani Telecom
NTT Europe Ltd.
Manor IT (UK) Ltd

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