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China ITS (Holdings) Co., Ltd. (“CIC”)is a leading technology solution and service provider in China’s transport industry. As one of the state-level ITS pioneers in China, with combinations of Turnkey Solutions, Specialized Solutions, Value-Added Services, CIC addresses customers’ multi-level demands in safety, reliability, efficiency, environmental protection and revenue securing in highway, railway, urban traffic and Intelligent Aviation sectors. After years of development and consolidation, CIC has become the sole market leader spanning her business operations over highway, railway, and urban traffic sectors, with essences of Turnkey Solutions, Specialized Solutions, and Value-Added Services. CIC equipped with completed products R&D system, project management system, market development system and customer service system. CIC implements process management and quality controls since the planning stage up until the delivery stage and make sure clients are "one-stop all-round" served. [From co website]: Through integration of disciplinary business operation and innovative capital strategy, with full devotion to the industry, and in-depth synergistic business integration, CIC has built up a unique core competitiveness in China’s ITS market. As an active participant in Intelligent Transportation sector, CIC has witnessed different development stages of China Transportation Industry. It proactively seized the valuable market opportunities and push on sustainable business practice while fulfill corporate social responsibility at the same time. Through its operational performance and also the reputation in the industry, CIC has gradually establish as the leader in China Intelligent Transaction Industry.

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