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CXM is India’s fastest growing cross-media production studio with a specialization in, content transformation & re-purposing, and media development, integration and management services. Through CXM - our well-equipped and professionally managed production facility in Delhi NCR and Mumbai, we deliver a wide array of e-publishing, cross-media production & content transformation services to global customers. Our services are designed to address the needs of businesses in the publishing and content services supply chain such as publishers, financial printers, premedia and communications service providers, print service providers and content management businesses looking for cost effective, global production capabilities. CXM’s professional team brings several years of expertise building and delivering large-scale premedia outsourcing services to publishers, marketing communications providers, prepress/premedia service agencies among others. We can build and operate a custom- designed production studio service dedicated to your needs and mirroring your existing processes, workflows and skills requirements that both compliment and serve as an extension of your existing premedia capabilities. Our team has a strong experience in working with some of the leading global education, financial and trade publishers based out of North America, Europe and Asia Pacific. Our leadership team has also experience in setting up large offshore operations for leading education & financial publishers and some leading content companies based out of UK and other parts of Europe. We help our client in creating and managing content more efficiently and economically through a well defined production process to accurate and on time delivery of the product. Our project management team has experience in managing global customers using some of the best project management tools and strategies to bring transparency in the process resulting in better control and reduction in rework

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