Celli Group

THE STRENGTH OF A GROUP DEDICATED TO CREATING THE PERFECT DISPENSING OF BEVERAGES Celli S.p.A. was founded in Rimini in 1974; the hands-on experience of the founders helped develop a customer-oriented approach. The company's evolution and growth over 40 years of history have enabled it to acquire some major companies thanks to which Celli has secured a leadership position in the beverage industry. As concerns the world of beer, in fact, Celli can rely on the value created by foremost businesses such as Ads2, a company specialising in bespoke column design, and Angram, which has been setting the standard within the pump dispensing industry for decades. As concerns the world of water, Celli has acquired Cosmetal's know-how. The company boasts a long tradition in the design and manufacture of water dispensers. Today, Celli products are exported to over 100 countries and the company has structured itself into a truly internationally renowned Group. The Celli Group deals with diff...
Celli Group contact details
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Mechanical Or Industrial Engineering
Via Casino Albini 605, San Giovanni in Marignano, Rimini 47842, IT

Celli Group Management & Employee Directory

Marco Ciferri
Marco Ciferri
Project Manager | Project Engineer | Lean Six Sigma
Senol Agac
Senol Agac
Sustainable Water Products 💧Sales Consultant I Founder Zerobottle Movement ❤️ I Author 🚀
Elena Colla
Elena Colla
Head of Group Administration & Finance presso Celli Group
Ivan Oliviero
Ivan Oliviero
Field Manager Supervisor presso Celli Group
Enrico Gregorini
Enrico Gregorini
Validation Platform Manager presso Celli Group
Francesco Suzzi
Francesco Suzzi
Business Development and Key Account Manager
Gioele Gagliardi
Gioele Gagliardi
Group Information Technology Manager at Celli Group
Luca Bardelli
Luca Bardelli
Group Field Sales Manager presso Celli Group
Luca Gambera
Luca Gambera
Group Field Sales Manager North East presso Celli Group
Angela Pegna
Angela Pegna
Talent Acquisition and Development Partner presso Celli Group
Anna Cuozzo
Anna Cuozzo
Global Product Marketing Management at Celli Group
Davide Bianconi
Davide Bianconi
Direttore Tecnico | Executive MBA Candidate
Riccardo Camillini
Riccardo Camillini
Product Engineering Specialist at Celli Group

Celli Group Competitors

SLS Consulting, Inc.
mechanical or industrial engineering

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