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Castros Middle East, Festive Lighting Equipment Trading LLC is a recently created company based in Dubai. However its value and work capacity should not once be underestimated, since it is part of a cutting-edge Group, founded back in 1921 in Portugal that today also represents one of the Top European Companies in the business. London, Nice, Lisbon, Barcelona, Milan, Natal, and many other cities, or companies, represent Castros Group main clients. Several international prizes have been achieved as for example France 2005, 2006 and Milan 2010 have guided CASTROS as one of the main international players in its area of activity, in terms of innovation, design and interactivity. Truly mastering the art of Festive Lighting, the company works with a complete structure of products and services that minimize execution difficulties. In fact the respect for specifications and time compliances are our main guaranties. Our clients trust in a well succeeded company that runs its services in full and flawlessly: from design and engineering concept to installation, delivering tailor made illuminative projects anytime, anywhere.

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