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They partner with startups (tech and non-tech) with the potential to grow quickly and sustainably. Their primary focus is on companies that are currently targeting a specific regional market with a real opportunity to expand to all of Latin America and globally. They are looking for the brightest technical founders and most devoted entrepreneurs with an emphasis in solid execution. Carao Ventures has an early stage startup program where one of their partners takes an active role in the startup through the next stage of company development, participating in relevant roles such as strategy, finance, marketing and others. Their partners and mentors have a committment to sharing their experience, technical knowledge and contacts to take startups to the next level. A co-working space conveniently located in the heart of the city provides a space and environment for startups and people looking to start a company to come hang out. A wealth of resources for entrepreneurs are continuously researched and put available to teams that are looking to to get their company into the best shape possible. They also assist established business groups or seasoned entrepreneurs in analyzing, developing and overseeing new ventures.

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