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Captive Media is a British company. They manufacture and manage an interactive entertainment and digital signage system for installation in washrooms. The system design is patented. Networked digital video screens are fitted above men’s urinals, and display a blend of engaging visual content and advertising. The units are also interactive, detecting the proximity of a user and switching to an interactive game which a man can operate by directing his ‘stream’ into the bowl below the screen. Infra-red sensors detect the direction of the stream, relaying it to the onboard computer as left/right joystick inputs. At no point does the user need to touch the screen. Early games include slalom skiing, trivia quizzes, colouring in pictures, and Olympic sprint races. The chief application of the system lies in using the dwell time of a man at a urinal - 55 seconds on average - for an engaging interactive experience. Early marketing applications include campaigns to promote responsible use of alcohol, as well as the promotion of branded products. The units are 'retrofitted' around existing washrooms facilities, requiring only power and internet connections. They are reinforced to an industrial grade, and are completely waterproof and vandal-proof. The system is currently installed in various bars, clubs, hotels, sports facilities, an airport, shopping malls, and corporate offices in the UK and the EU.

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