CCI France

CCI France is the national public body that federates the French Chambers of Commerce and Industry (CCI). CCI France represents 2,000,000 French private companies. CCI France is the intermediary between all CCIs and French and European public authorities, international organisations and large public or private partners. CCI France is also represented in Brussels by its European Affairs Department. CCI France's task is to provide guidance, support and advice to the chambers within their spheres of activity : economic watch and intelligence, company development, territorial and infrastructural development, continuing professional education. CCI France has also an Environment and Sustainable Development Unit, which coordinates a network of 200 environmental advisers within the local and regional CCIs.
CCI France contact details
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Government Administration
8, Rue Pierre Brossolette, Levallois-Perret, Île-de-France 92300, FR

CCI France Management & Employee Directory

Eric Duez
Eric Duez
directeur de projet SIRH des CCI chez CCI France
Value creation, growth, innovation & disruption via digital transformation & global leadership
Jérémie ROBERT
Jérémie ROBERT
Ingénieur Recherche et Développement chez RueDuCommerce
Directeur Relations sociales & Ressources humaines
Joanne Fogeron
Joanne Fogeron
Assstante de Direction bilingue chez BNP Paribas Securities Services
Delphine Coquery
Delphine Coquery
A l'écoute du marché : Directeur de centre de profit / DG Adjoint
Mouadh Akrout
Mouadh Akrout
Ingénieur d'études et développement Angular 5 / Java JEE chez CCI France
Jerome Pardigon
Jerome Pardigon
Directeur des Affaires publiques chez CCI France
Yann Drumare
Yann Drumare
Directeur de la communication marketing chez CCI France
Samira Roussi
Samira Roussi
Responsable communication - Animation de réseau

CCI France Competitors

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Government Administration
Municipality Of Oldebroek
Government Administration
Commercial Taxes Department, Rajasthan
Government Administration
Information And Privacy Commission NSW
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Presidência Da República
Government Administration

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