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School and Company Overview We are a privately owned and operated “family” of Preschools, Private Elementary Education and Before and After School Recreation Programs. Our schools are rooted in Developmentally Appropriate Practices and a hands on philosophy, with our main focus being the development of self- esteem in every age group. Our schools are team oriented, with strong, positive views on our company culture and the people we bring into our “family”. Our staff is made up of educated, experienced, dedicated and long-term employees. Private Schools Mission Statement At Brighton Schools we strive to provide your child with a safe and challenging learning environment where each child’s individuality is celebrated and valued. We have committed ourselves to not only meeting the California State Standards of Education but to also exceed and expanding them to create a unique, stimulating and well- rounded curriculum for all of our students. We have enthusiastic, credentialed teachers who embrace our philosophies and dynamic curriculum. We have created an ideal learning environment paired with love, laughter and respect. We believe this is the best way to educate children and give parents peace of mind.

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