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The Biozentrum of the University of Basel ranks among the leading institutes worldwide for basic molecular and biomedical research and education. It is home to more than 30 research groups with staff from more than 40 countries. Innovative – interdisciplinary - international Research at the Biozentrum includes the areas of Cell Growth & Development, Infection Biology, Neurobiology, Structural Biology & Biophysics, and Computational & Systems Biology. The emphasis on interdisciplinary research, unique and innovative in 1971 when the Biozentrum was founded, remains a recognized strength promoting innovation and fostering interactions with partners from industry and academia worldwide. The location of the Biozentrum, embedded in Europe’s most important life sciences hub – the trinational BioValley of Switzerland, Germany and France – also contributes to its attraction and international standing. Launching pad for research careers The Biozentrum enjoys an excellent reputation for its scientific training, both nationally and internationally. Bachelor and Master Students are integrated into a research environment from the start of their academic career, and the 120 PhDs and 130 postdocs benefit from the Biozentrum’s scientific success and the intensive, individual supervision.

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