Biofidelity's mission is to enable the early detection of disease and to improve patient outcomes through the implementation of simple yet ultra-high sensitivity diagnostic assays based on our proprietary biochemistry. We have developed a novel molecular assay enabling the multiplexed detection of genetic mutations at extremely high sensitivity (<0.1% allele fraction) from tissue or blood samples, without the need for DNA sequencing. Using standard laboratory instrumentation, our assays are simple, fast, scalable and low-cost, enabling rapid implementation and broad adoption. The simplicity of this technology makes it particularly suited to routine testing applications, including patient monitoring for disease recurrence and developed resistance to therapy, and to early detection of disease.
Biofidelity contact details
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330 Cambridge Science Park, Milton Road, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire CB4 0WN, GB

Biofidelity Management & Employee Directory

Doug Bradley
Doug Bradley
Early Stage Commercialization Executive | Chief Marketing Officer, CMO | CCO | VP of Global Marketing | Molecular Diagnostics | Medical Device | Bio Technologies
Michelle Wilters
Michelle Wilters
Experienced Finance Professional | Financial Accountant | Business Partner | Management Accountant
Ana Kukic
Ana Kukic
Associate Director of People Operations
Christopher Bayers
Christopher Bayers
Director, Biopharma Business Development at Biofidelity
Geoff Martin
Geoff Martin
Director of Clinical Business Development
Matthew Less
Matthew Less
US Executive Director of Business Development at Biofidelity
Ryan T Evans
Ryan T Evans
Associate Director Of Product Development
Elyse Shapiro
Elyse Shapiro
Senior Clinical Research and Alliance Manager at Biofidelity
Marion Richardson
Marion Richardson
Project Manager at Biofidelity || Governance | Process Improvement | Change Management | Training, coaching and facilitation | Team Building
Simon Knight
Simon Knight
Quality and Regulatory Compliance Specialist for In vitro diagnostic medical devices
Todd Kelley
Todd Kelley
Pathologist and Molecular Diagnostics Expert
Uzma Choudry
Uzma Choudry
Venture Capital Investor👩‍🔬| Frontier Tech x Biotech x TechBio | Biophysics PhD

Biofidelity Competitors

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