Every day, our global brand icons, such as NIVEA, Eucerin and Hansaplast, make more than 500 million consumers in over 70 countries feel good in their skin. Care for consumers and our people worldwide is what has driven us all the time. More than 130 years ago, we invented modern skin care, kept continuously innovating it and still have a clear business focus on it. This is what has made us today's No.1 skin care company in the world. We are skin care.
Beiersdorf contact details
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Unnastraße 48,Hamburg,DE

Beiersdorf Management & Employee Directory

Ashish Pandey
Ashish Pandey
Global Mobility Leader | Immigration & Tax Specialist | Policy Consultant | Diversity & Inclusion | GMJ Ambassador
Marcelo Quiroga
Marcelo Quiroga
General Manager BU Healthcare at Beiersdorf Australia
Simon Campbell
Simon Campbell
Founder & Head of Digital, Design, Strategy Lab, Creative & Strategy Director
Arjun Varma
Arjun Varma
Global Director & Head of Strategic Capacity Management, Beiersdorf AG | Supply chain, Planning & Logistics | Strategy | Resilience | Digitalization | Leadership | 15+years experience in Consumer Goo
Juan Pablo Aran
Juan Pablo Aran
Director Comercial (Ventas, Shopper & Customer Marketing) Farmacia en Beiersdorf | Eucerin | Consumer Healthcare
Misel Ahom
Misel Ahom
Global Director Diversity & Inclusion at Beiersdorf
Reika Ngan Nguyen
Reika Ngan Nguyen
Senior Brand Manager at Beiersdorf Vietnam
Eugenio Orlando
Eugenio Orlando
Regional Area Manager presso Montefarmaco OTC SpA
Nathalia Torres
Nathalia Torres
Global Procurement Category Manager | Digital | Procurement | Marketing & Sales | Innovation | Member- International Society of Female Professionals
Anke Schmidt
Anke Schmidt
Vice President Corporate Communications & Government Relations at Beiersdorf
Emilie Joubert
Emilie Joubert
Vice President Human Resources Europe at Beiersdorf
Wahyu Hagono
Wahyu Hagono
Open for new challenging opportunity with over 25 years of experiences in FMCG and Telecommunication MNC
Jiawen  Jin
Jiawen Jin
Consultant Corporate Strategy, Beiersdorf, Hamburg Germany
Joao Rosa
Joao Rosa
Demand & Supply Planner at Beiersdorf | LSS Yellow Belt
Laura Rodriguez Herrera
Laura Rodriguez Herrera
Beauty & FMCG / Business and Marketing Strategist / MIB / Transformation to the Digital Era / Media & PR
Preeti Kanani
Preeti Kanani
Experiential Beauty Retail Professional | Marketing Communications
Ramon A Mirt
Ramon A Mirt
Member of the Executive Board, Beiersdorf AG at Beiersdorf

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