BNP Paribas

BNP Paribas is a leading bank in Europe with an international reach. It has a presence in 74 countries, with more than 192,000 employees, including more than 146,000 in Europe. The Group has key positions in its three main activities: Domestic Markets and International Financial Services (whose retail-banking networks and financial services are covered by Retail Banking & Services) and Corporate & Institutional Banking, which serves two client franchises: corporate clients and institutional investors. The Group helps all its clients (individuals, community associations, entrepreneurs, SMEs, corporates and institutional clients) to realise their projects through solutions spanning financing, investment, savings and protection insurance. In Europe, the Group has four domestic markets (Belgium, France, Italy and Luxembourg) and BNP Paribas Personal Finance is the European leader in consumer lending. . BNP Paribas is rolling out its integrated retail-banking model in Mediterranean countr...
BNP Paribas contact details
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16 boulevard des Italiens,Paris,FR

BNP Paribas Management & Employee Directory

Deepak Desai
Deepak Desai
Sr Manager - Financial Planning & Analysis at BNP Paribas
Vassilis Goumas
Vassilis Goumas
Vice President, Rates Quant en BNP Paribas
Thibaud Trevissoi
Thibaud Trevissoi
Managing Director - Deputy Head of US Dollar Clearing & Payments, Head of Oversight
Nicole Perrone
Nicole Perrone
Assist Vice President - Client On-boarding
Othman Zizi
Othman Zizi
Vice President, Equity Derivatives Trader
Nikhil Jain
Nikhil Jain
Investment Banking Analyst at BNP Paribas
Johan Errant
Johan Errant
Business Intelligence & Model Management (VP) | B.I. and Mathematics Master Degrees
Alexis Viola
Alexis Viola
Client Referential Data Analyst/Regulatory Oversight at BNP Paribas
Martin Loesser Baker
Martin Loesser Baker
BNP Paribas, Head of Americas - Sales & Relationship Management for Financial Intermediaries
Zachary Ginn
Zachary Ginn
Vice President at BNP Paribas -G10 Rates Sales
henry laryea
Henry Laryea
VP Fixed Income MBS Developer BNP Paribas
Amy Hansen
Amy Hansen
Chief Operating Officer, Americas/IHC Compliance, BNP Paribas
Amy Goldstein
Amy Goldstein
Managing Director, International Cash Management Sales - BNP Paribas
Iqbal Hameed
Iqbal Hameed
Vice President at BNP Paribas Market Risk Analytics and Prime Brokerage Technology

BNP Paribas Competitors

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