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B.I.G. B.O.E. Strength was dreamt up by two strength coaches with a passion for thick-necked sports. This business journey is being embarked on by Jeff and Jesse and their smarter, wiser, and more svelte halves - Laurie Appel and Emily Strawser. ​ “Best in Girth, Best on Earth” will never be a statement of who we believe we are, but rather a statement of who we aspire to be. We will never be satisfied. No matter what is accomplished, no matter what is achieved, the next challenge is just around the bend, or for us, just under the bent barbell. With B.I.G. B.O.E. Strength your goal has become our goal. Whether you are looking to compete in your first meet, become a national champion, or break a world record, we will supply you with the recipe to help get it done! B.I.G. B.O.E. is devoted to creating the strongest, girthiest athletes the world has ever seen. Whether you are a barbell athlete, a traditional athlete, a hero (military, police, firefighter, first responder) or a weekend warrior, we are here to make your life easier through our hard work. To complement our coaching, we are also coming out with lines of strength gear to support the girth, and apparel to make that girth look good! ​

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