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AES is an engineering consulting firm that is focused towards Designing, Developing, Prototyping, Testing and final production of custom Embedded systems for specific tasks and market segments. Whether you want to have a new product designed or you are looking to get systems developed for real-life testing, proof of concept demonstrations - we can do that for you. Not only does AES have the necessary design experience, we also have testing and verification facilities for subjecting your prototype system to Harsh Environmental conditions, Electrical Over Stresses (EOS) and Mechanical stresses. All this is to verify the design's engineering, robustness and reliability which gives more confidence for going further with regulatory compliance to world standards. Our prime focus is developing intuitive systems for the Health, Medical and Pharmaceutical industries where precision is a must. But we are not limited to that - we have designed systems for other industrial segments and are proud of the work we have done as well as the people who use our technology in every-day life.

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