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Artica has been active in the market for over 30 years. We are a strong and versatile organization with over 40 talented professionals, two work locations and five core activities: communication, Internet, exhibits, interiors and decoration & décor. We are a stable and dynamic organization, valued for our creativity and our achievements at national and international level. These achievements result from a combination of the right experience, know-how, creative ability, professional mentality and plain hard work. We enjoy enduring relationships with our customers and believe that long-term cooperation produces better results. Our five core activities enable us to offer our customers both specific and a total concept. What makes Artica unique is that we actually have the facilities and the people at our disposal to think up concepts, to design and to create the finished product. This is a result of the constant expansion and intensification of our core activities, which means we can offer a total concept in the area of communication and presentation. It's a long-term vision but the rewards are already increasing. And that's something our customers notice. contact details

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