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Joan Murray
Joan Murray
Senior Editor || Microsoft Content Acquisitions || Strategic Marketing & Communications
Manisha Biswas
Manisha Biswas
Member Of Technical Staff at Salesforce | GHC'20 Scholar | Full-Stack Developer | Author | Intel Software Innovator
Tim Costello
Tim Costello
I help small businesses turn data into insight.
Jessica Vakili
Jessica Vakili
Coordinating Editor/Project Associate at Apress Media
Steve Anglin
Steve Anglin
Seeking mathematics teaching and/or research opportunities (partial differential equations)
Michael Coles
Michael Coles
Board Member at Community Outreach Services, Inc.
Adeel J
Adeel J
Intelligent Automation Architect / Author
Sofia Marchant
Sofia Marchant
Content Strategist, Writer with Social Media Skills
Ron Lesteve
Ron Lesteve
Enabling Digital Innovation through Strategic Azure Data & AI Transformation Initiatives

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