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Alchemist Accelerator | 7,323 followers on LinkedIn. The Accelerator Dedicated to Enterprise Startups | The Alchemist Accelerator is a venture-backed initiative focused on accelerating the development of seed-stage ventures that monetize from enterprises (not consumers). The accelerator’s primary screening criteria is on teams, with primacy placed on having distinctive technical co-founders. The accelerator seeds around 75 enterprise-monetizing ventures / year.
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San Francisco,California,US

Alchemist Accelerator Management & Employee Directory

Danielle Vivo
Danielle Vivo
Program Director || Mentor || Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Advocate
Amin Jallouli
Amin Jallouli
Operations Manager at Alchemist Accelerator
Lynn Nichols
Lynn Nichols
Principal at X Intellectual Property, Executive Director at Council on Multilocal AI,
Asim Razzaq
Asim Razzaq
Optimizing the world's cloud computing spend!
Noopur G Jain
Noopur G Jain
Product Management @ Alchemist Accelerator, Ex HP, MS Computer Science, MBA UCLA Anderson
Jeremy Hammer
Jeremy Hammer
Helping startup community leaders drive growth and value
Adam Frankl
Adam Frankl
I help startup founders create developer categories and grow developer adoption. First Marketing VP at 3 dev-facing unicorns: JFrog, Neo4j, & Sourcegraph
Annie Guan
Annie Guan
AI Acceleration/Optimization, Deep Learning, Computer Vision, Autonomous Vehicle Perception, Robotics, Embedded Systems
Akhil Sahai
Akhil Sahai
Chief Product Officer, | General Manager | Startup Advisor | Investor | Mentor
Frederic Gray
Frederic Gray
Venture Capital Investor @ Brightlane Ventures
Vadim Peskov
Vadim Peskov
CEO&Co-Founder at Diffco, Pilot, Advisor at Alchemist Accelerator. We are hiring!
Hemanth Setty
Hemanth Setty
Product Leader • Sustainability Aficionado • Entrepreneur • Tech Enthusiast • Angel Investor • Mentor
Richie Seaberry
Richie Seaberry
Insurance Startup||B-Corp||Supporting Small Business in their Efforts to Keep a Healthy Bottom Line||Start-up Advisor
Aida Lutaj
Aida Lutaj
CEO & Co-Founder at Legitify, On Deck Fellow (ODS3), Alchemist Accelerator (Batch 31)

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